Monday, May 27, 2019

How to remove back pain with yoga

How to remove back pain with yoga?

Back pain today is not only a result of physical labor, but also a long work at the computer. And if there is no physical activity in the form of fitness, yoga, stretching, Pilates, etc., then problems begin: the posture deteriorates, muscle clamps appear, etc.

                           If you are experiencing back pain or want to prevent their occurrence, pay attention to these asanas. They do not require physical training and advanced level of practice. It is necessary only your desire to work for the benefit of yourself and your health.

1.Anand Balasana

Lie on the mat, pull your legs toward you and grab the feet from the outside. Press down to lower the knees. Breathe easy and relax.
Do not remove the pelvis from the floor. Squeeze it and pull over the top of the head.
            If it is hard to keep your legs in this position, just pull them up to your chest and lie down.

2.Uttar Şişasana

Get on all fours so that your knees are under your hip joints. Move your hands forward and lower the chest to the floor. Stay in this position, then perform the variation. It will help stretch the muscles of the neck and upper back.                                       Stay in the same position, just turn your head to the right and lower your head to the floor on your left cheek. Hold for 10 seconds. Then turn left. And also stay for 10 seconds.


3.Parivritta Janet Şirşasana
Sit on the mat. Leave the left leg straight, and bend the right foot and press to the inner surface of the left thigh. With your left hand from the inside, grab your left foot. Turn the body to the right and stretch your right arm over your head. Pull the side. Then repeat to the other side.
If this asana is unavailable to you, sit in Turkish (Sukhasana). Place your right palm on the floor and lean to the right. If you can, lower your forearm to the floor. Lean the other way. Change the cross leg and lean in both directions. Pulling on the arm, open the chest.

4.Jathara Parivartanasana

Lie on the mat. Bend your knees and lift your legs. In the knees and between the body and legs - a right angle. Hands spread to the level of the shoulder joints. On the exhale, lower your legs to the left, turn your head to the right. Stay in position for a while, then do the other way.


5. Shalabhasana

Lie on your stomach and clasp your hands in the lock behind your back. While inhaling, lift your chest and legs from the floor. Pull the hands further to open the chest more. Do not wring the neck.


6. Marjariasana

Get on all fours so that your knees are under your hip joints and your palms are under your shoulders. On an inhale, bend backwards, as you exhale, round your back. Repeat the number of times you need to relieve tension.

To strengthen your back, raise your right arm and left leg. Hold for a few seconds, then raise your left arm and right leg. Repeat 10 times.

If your back pain is caused by tension in this area, muscle tension, then practice these asanas. But if it is caused by the presence of a hernia or other serious diseases of the spine, first consult with a specialist.